About Us

About Us

Finger Spa Beauty Palace is one of the best at its craft because the company thrives on passion and attention-to-detail rather than being profit-oriented. We strive to provide quality services that will pamper your nails and reinvent your style. One requirement that our technicians must fulfill is the love for the job. We do not do it because we can; we do it because we love it.

Our range of products and services are highly diverse and readily available to meet and satisfy any needs. Besides first-class pedicures and manicures, we provide nail art services, foot hydro-spa therapy, sole renewal treatment and other services. We also have products from well-known brands such as Seche, OPI, Gelish and Ezflow that we know consumers love.


Perfect Spa Mani & Pedi

We offer classic and gelish manicure & pedicure services. The steps for this services involve a soothing soak, trimming, shaping your nails & cuticles and polished them with your choice of shine or gel colours. Let our nail artist provide you a  good customer service skills, and follow the highest level of spa sanitation when you are at home.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions allow you to have long and beautiful eyelashes. We offer single and volume eyelashes of various thickness to give you that extra definition. Choose our long-lasting and durable eyelashes to change your look today, our highly trained lash specialists are here to meet our various needs of customer.

Eyeliner Embroidery

Our eyeliner embroidery treatment looks natural even without make-up! We are able to customize the style of eyeliner to suit your eye shape. This application helps to create the illusion of bigger and rounder eyes all the time even when you sleep.